Had to put schooling off for a year, feeling discouraged


I was accepted into my local community college Nursing program back in April. The first day of class was August 17th. We had an all day student orientation in the beginning of July where we got to meet the insructors, the other students, program outline, list of supplies, ect. I was super nervous, and extremly excited. As the first day drew closer I was gathering supplies and books and calendars and scrubs and organizing and then reorganizing everything.

Then my husbands panic attacks got worse and more frequent, his depression was getting worse, and he was having suicide ideation. After a year of trying to deal with it all, he wound up being admitted to the Behavioural Health Unit the week before classes started.

I knew that I wouldn't be able to handle the stress of being a new nursing student on top of helping my husband recover. Plus he had lost his job when he was admitted, so I would be sole provider. I know some people are strong enough to work full time and be in Nursing school full time, and support their husband/best friend through recovery from depression and anxiety. But I am not. So I called my advisor and we both agreed it would be best to take a year, and reapply for next year.

My husbands depression is much better now that his meds were rearranged, I have my best friend back. However he is still having debillitating panic attacks andhe struggles with leaving the house alone. He is in therepy and working on it.

Right now I am just very discouraged by everything thats happened. I feel like Ive lost my drive. I realize that there is never a perfect time or situation for nursing school, and life throws curve balls all the time, I have to learn how to adapt,ect. And Im sure I will. Somehow Ill find my drive to do it no matter if my husband is able to work or not. But right now I just need some words of encouragement please. Thank you, and sorry for the long post, I really needed to get this out there.


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First, id like to say you will get over it.. its a bump in your road to becoming an RN and you will make it... secondly, know that everyone who is not a traditional student you met or will meet has obstacles they had to maneuver around to be in nursing school. Thirdly, take this time to read everything nursing.. I am sure that will get you motivated again....Your support and help to your husband will come handy with your future patients and remember that if you want it badly you will make it....

Wish you all the best,,, and hoping for your husband's recovery very soon.


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Life throws at you curve balls everyday. You dealt with it best you can. Don't regret something you can't be changed. What happen to you could be considered like tripping and falling down walking on a sidewalk. Do you stay on the ground? No, you get up brush yourself off and start walking again. My wife have had so many road blocks that if where written down the reader wouldn't believe it. Today she is a ICU travel nurse with her BSN as she finishing her FNP program. The end result is don't give up or allow anything to take away you dream, brush yourself off and continue your journey.

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I had the same thing happened to me. Got accepted into my nursing program, my husband had some health issues, lost his job. I felt so defeated. Then I decided I'm not gonna let it get me down and reapply. I reapplied for early decision and now I'm a little over a month away from graduating! Don't give up!


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I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I'm glad things are getting better. As far as motivation, if nursing is your passion then the fire didn't die, it just got rained on a little. I wasnt diagnosed with bipolar in nursing school, I failed my LPN program, had a miscarriage, & lost my grandfather only 3 weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer. I loved him very much and it was really hard on me. My point is, I lost motivation on nursing. I changed schools & completed phlebotomy training. Being back in the hospital for clinicals brought back my passion because I was more interested in nursing. I talked about the program alot and how I missed it. I needed that time to start medication and therapy so I could handle nursing school. I made a list of reasons I want to do nursing and what my options were for solving obstacles. Maybe you could get a therapist for a few sessions to help you learn how to handle curveballs such as your husbands illness. You can personal message me if you need somebody to talk to. I know what its like to need motivation. Sorry so long just wanted to share my story.


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Thank you so much for your encouragment. I had gotten into a funk and I just kept thinking things werent going to improve. But they have, thank goodness. My husband is doing so much better, he's working again, and has made some great emotional/mental improvements. Its so nice to not be constantly worried about a panic attack or something coming up that he cant handle. I feel like we have our relationship back now, instead of just being the only one to deal with everything.

I have reapplied to the nursing program, and Im starting to get my old drive back. This has taught me that no matter what happens, Im not going to just give up, but I will find a way to accomplish my goals, no matter how long it takes.

Thank you again for the encouragement, I keep coming back to read it.

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The issue exists so now you have to find a solution. If you do not have the "drive" to do it then no one else can do it for you. Nothing wrong with that as we are all different. "Wanting" and "doing" are two different things. I earned my BSN in 06 and it was a rough time in my life, but I was completely focused on completing school.

You will also need to consider when/if you are working as a nurse. These same issues will exist. If you call out repeatedly to take care of your husband you will be fired. It is just how the world works. He is a grown man and needs to work on these things to assist the group (family).

Good luck.