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Had orientation for LVN-RN- I'm sweating already!

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Whew! Summer I and Summer II are going to be brutal. We are going to merge in with the 2 yr ADN generic students in the Fall (I think) so I guess we are essentially "reviewing" their entire first year this summer. We received the required book list ONE WEEK before class starts and have our first test the 3rd day of school. Here is a run down of what the first test is over:

Inflammation & Immunity

CBC and WBC differential interprestation

Antibody-mediated immunity

Fluid volume deficient and overload

Sodium and Potassium

Health Promotion

Diabetes & management, lab values- glucose, HbA1C


sterile technique dressing changes

wound assessment, pressure sores

Two books were needed immediately and the college book store was out of them and couldn't give an exact day as to when they would be in stock so I have ordered those two online. Thank God for the internet and overnight shipping. One came yesterday (Nursing Diagnosis) and the other big Med-Surg book will come today. The material includes things that I have been exposed to but some of the stuff I haven't studied in years! Have a presentation, 4 exams, including a calculations test, a comprehensive final BEFORE June 23rd. The instructor is (wisely) spoon-feeding us a one month calendar at a time. More than that would be overwhelming.

Needless to say, I dropped to part-time work yesterday. We are not independently wealthy so this move is scary. Bills need to be paid! Will work every Fri/Sat 7p-7a. This schedule the classes/clinicals are Mon-Thurs except for 2 Fridays (using vacation days).

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Yeah there is one here that is almost full time for the whole summer also. :madface: Since you have been out of school for a while it probably will be helpful to get back in the swing of things.

The one I'm in is pretty cool, I took a written test to get in and now I just have a few clinical skills, nursing care plans etc. to get signed off on and thats it until the fall semester starts. Its going to be interesting because I have taken more nursing classes than they have but it seems like their knowledge is a bit more in depth. All in all I think it will even out.

Hang in there, you will do great! Keep us posted. Jules

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