Had my interview today.

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I think it went really well. It was almost two hours long and I met with the nursing director and principal. Some of the questions the principal asked threw me off. Specifically, she asked me "If there was an emergency, would you ask me what I wanted to do, or would you tell me what you wanted to do?" I told her that this is what I'm here for, one of the reasons she would count on me as the school nurse. This is my background, my specialty training, and that I would lead. If she felt she could jump in to give a hand then she was more than welcome, if it was CPR and she felt comfortable to help do breaths or compressions she could, but that I would never put it on her to lead the situation. I was worried about answering that one for a split second because I thought she might feel I was overriding her authority as principal, but it was honestly the way I felt. She told me it was a very good answer, and that as the nurse she would need to count on me to be able to react.

She also told me that there have been some compliance issues with the professional staff reporting head injury type of situations to the school nurse because they find it tedious and unnecessary when the injuries are so minor. She asked me what I would do to change this and enhance compliance. I gave this one thought for a minute, and then said that I understand where they are coming from but ultimately it is my license that is responsible for every person in that building, and I need to be able to count on my fellow to staff to work together with me as a team. I said it's about doing what's best for the kids, even if it a slight inconvenience for staff, and that it's better to be safe than sorry. I said I would have to give this question the thought it deserves, research what has worked in other schools to enhance compliance with head injury protocols, etc. She seemed satisfied with that answer, but I still went home thinking about it and wondering if it was the right answer.

The director wanted to move forward with checking my references, so I assume that's a good sign? She said I'd know Monday. I'm 90% sure I want to move on to this job. It's an hour commute, less money than I make now, about $47,000/year, and benefits are comparable. I would work 7:30-2:30 5 days/week, summers and holidays off. The school has almost 1300 students, a large insulin-dependent diabetic population, a complex care integrated group of students with trachs/gtubes, etc, a huge student population with anaphylatic allergies, and several students with seizure disorders. She said on average they call 911 about 4-5x/year, and they have about 80 students come through the clinic each day. It's very busy, and would definitely give me the challenge I'm looking for.

I could still pick up per diem at my current job to retain bedside skills and make extra money. I feel like I'll miss my babies at work, though. I love going in and knowing my primaries, knowing exactly what they need when they start displaying certain symptoms. I love watching them meet their milestones. However, I know night shift is going to kill me and I need to get off it. It will also be a nice change to deal with primarily healthy children, and I think I'll enjoy the huge psychosocial aspect that comes with being a school nurse.

So those are my thoughts. Like I said, I think overall it went pretty well, but I just can't help second-guessing. Either way, I'll know Monday!

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I think you had very good responses. I bet you get offered the job. However, I wouldn't bet that you will routinely get off work at 2:30, especially if it's a very busy clinic. Every nurse I know has to stay and work at least an hour after school is out. I'm so busy I don't get most of my documentation started or letters out until after the final bell has sounded.

Anyway, good luck! I liked your answers!!!

Sounds like you did a great job!!! Let us know the outcome!!

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The DON called me yesterday and contingently offered me the position, pending superintendent approval which she said should be smooth sailing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to accept, as long as the salary is what she said it is. I can't pay my bills on anything less.

Great news! Good luck to you!

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Glad to hear you've got the job. Best wishes.

I have an interview this afternoon for a position at my son's Middle School a population o of about 1300 students. I have never been a school nurse but with 19 yrs of nursing experience and as the mother of 5kids....3 in their mid to late 20's, I feel that this is the perfect job for me. I am up for a challenge, but need a job that will make my family life a bit easier, with an 11 and 9 yr old still at home. I have had many interviews over the years and have never felt nervous...and usually came home with a job offer....but this interview is really making me nervous since I want this job more than any I have ever had. Any suggestions would be great!

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