Had anyone went to Herzing for RN? How was it?

U.S.A. Alabama


If so, how was the program? I heard it’s fast paced but I wouldn’t mind as long as I had good professors. I’m a paramedic and currently have all my pre requisites for ASN. Thank you!


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Yep, made it to my last term with 8 weeks left until graduation. Failed medsurg 2 (which was my second failure) and was dismissed. I appealed and got denied. Their are people who can’t even make it passed the first term and have appealed and were approved. So I guess it thusly depends on who you are. I did The bridge and failed medsurg 1 ( I had personal issues). Took a break and came back strong until medsurg 2. Good luck!

bumping im looking into them as well

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