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Hi Co-RNs,

Are there any HUMC Rn's on here that can tell me about working at HUMC. I just left Mt. Sinai in NYC due to a disappointing work environment--so much for "prestige." I've heard good things about HUMC and noticed they are spending ALOT in commercials lately.

I'm a Cardiac RN and have applied to several of their Cardiac spots...I'd really love to hear from my prospective future colleagues!

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HUMC is a great place to work, but very busy. The parking is very bad because you can't park at the hospital. You will have to drive to the next town over and wait for the shuttle (adds about 20 min) all of the on street parking is meters and then every place else you will get a ticket (i got about 5 parking tickets in about 4 months) finally found someone that let me pay to park in their driveway (was a pain).


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Hello All,

I was a Student Nurse Extern (or SNE) over the summer and now I work the night shift (11pm-7am) as a Nursing Assistant at HUMC. I've been floated to some of the cardiac units and as with all units at HUMC, its very busy. Sometimes you are floated, sometimes you have NA's to help, and sometimes neither happens. It's a very good hospital in the sense that it is a teaching hospital and its one of the highest paying hospitals out there. It is also one of the few financially sound hospitals in the area. On the flip side, if you work any other shift other than the night shift parking is horrible. As for the benefits, there is a 403(b) program with no matching and the healthcare benefits are good...if you get everything through HUMC otherwise there is a $200-$1000 deductible.

When I graduate I may stay at HUMC because I am oriented to it, or I may go to Valley depending on the benefit options. Keep in mind that benefits are worth money too.:redpinkhe


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Hi. I got a SNE position in the ER for this summer. I will be graduating in December. What did you get to do as a SNE at Hackensack. How did this position differ from a NA position? Did you get floated? If yes, what were you responsible to do on the other floor as a SNE? Did you have a new preceptor on that floor, for the day? What was your favorite and least favorite thing about the program? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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