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Swine flu shots at school: Bracing for fall return


States told to prepare for worst H1N1 scenario:


Details Mary Pappas, school nurse, panel presentation too.

Don't forget Journal of School Nursing Feburary 2009 supplemental issue highlighted school located vaccine clinics. http://jsn.sagepub.com/content/vol25/1_suppl/

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hmm.....wonder if we will be doing the shots in schools ???

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School nurses can give the vaccines with the assistance of partners, but school - located vaccine clinics are preferred by administrators - it keeps the liability issues on another party. Even if the school nurse administers vaccines, it can be as a temporary employee of the partner organization to allay any district liability. The articles in JOSN go into these arrangements.

The school nurse has a role as a on site coordinator and cheerleader: marketing the event(s), facilitating permissions, assisting with selection of sites in schools and times.

Planning for this should begin now. Contact your local PH department, your local independent vaccine services (e.g. Maxim, Flu Busters) and start making plans for fall. You will want to be in on any planning meetings about this.

The consent is the most difficult barrier to overcome and if those permissions can go out in registration / back to school packets and or go on your school website, it would be a huge advantage

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Bergren is right. Last year the health department came to my school and administered flumist before the whole h1n1 breakout. This year the school nurses would be expected to administer vaccines for h1n1. With hearing and vision, the dental screenings, this is going to be a very busy year.

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