H1N1 Vaccine?

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Okay, so even though lots of people got "sick" from the swine flu this past season, we didn't see the mass shut downs, closings and communities being quarrantined that could have been. The CDC is saying that next season will be 'worse' and is recommending ALL get vaccinated.

Will you take the vaccine when offered?

What are YOUR thoughts on this?


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I will probably not get the vaccine right away as I am not comfortable with it being fast tracked and the very limited clinical trials. If after a large number of people get it and it proves to be safe and effective then I will. Especially if the next surge in cases is worse. I will however get the regular seasonal flu vaccination.


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Will it be mercury/thimerisol free? Many people will not allow their children to receive this vaccine if it contains it.

They will probably keep their kids home from school instead.

I agree with the previous poster, it is being rushed through so quickly, many people will not trust it.

People are having problems believing that the government is on top of this when the government seems to be so overwelmed with the many other problems this country is having right now.

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I would rather see the vaccine studied longer before it is released. I've never been one to just dive in head first with every new vaccine or medicine that promises miracle results.

I just read this morning that pregnant women are likely to be a top priority with the new vaccine. I understand the reasoning since pregnant women have been hit hard by the disease, but it still seems backwards to me since pregnant women and young children are typically the last groups of people approved for new vaccines.

Not only is this vaccine being pushed forward at an accelerated rate, I doubt there have been adequate studies regarding the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women. The hope is that recommending the vaccine to the highest risk groups first will curb the disease, but a very real possibility is that it may also bring on a new generation of birth defects due to unforeseen side effects.


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They are not recommending it for my age group but I would get it if it was recommended. I think they ought to save it for people who will get really sick because there is not enough to go around.

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I am reading "The Great Influenza" by John Barry. Believe me when I say you BETTER be standing in line when the flu shots are given. Some protection is better than none.

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We can't all afford to be cautious...my husband is Alpha One Anti-Trypsin Deficient. He will be first in line of the "high risk" allowed to receive the vaccine in the first round.


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Will it be mercury/thimerisol free?

Apparently some of the vaccine will have it and some will not.


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