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Hi, everyone.

I am an RN worked under H1C visa for 3 years in Lumberton North Carolina. When I read all the posts warning about H1C visa here before, It did not sound too pleasing. However, from my personal experience, I must say that I had nothing but a positive experience. I no longer work at the facility because I finished my three year contract, but that place made me a better nurse and I could have not asked for a better nursing team. I was treated equally as all other employees, and my benefits and wages were determined by the level of experience and education level.

The only thing is that the city of Lumberton does not have too much going on for a young single person per se, but Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Wilmington are within 2 hour drive and you can always find something to do.

I agree that you have to do your homework and do adequate research before you start application process and signing your contract. However, if you work hard and good at what your doing, you will have a positive experience and get the respect you deserve. Good luck everyone!! :yeah:

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I thought H1C visas was not going to be renewed anymore?

Glad you had a good experience but wonder how you are staying in the US now your visa has finished?

Just asking so it may offer something to others


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It sounds good, that u having a good experience. U r lucky. I heard that it's difficult to find a sponsor to get a working visa these days even you have an RN license. Me too seeking for a sponsorship. But it's really a difficult to get it. So, do you think there are some hospitals that still sponsoring an international RN.

One more thing, if your H1C visa expires, could you get the extension?

Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

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As far as I am aware once visa has expired you can't extend it plus usually for work visa you need a employer


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United States visa retrogression continues...

Three legislative bills have been introduced regarding visa retrogression in the United States.

HR1933 extends the H1-C visas for registered nurses. It is a temporary, three-year visa that can be renewed one time. The H1-C visas are limited to 300 per year. Previously, the quota was 5,500. They are restricted to those who are recruited for medically underserved areas with a limited number of Medicare/Medicaid beds. Because of the strict criteria of eligibility, only about 14 hospitals qualify. Ironically, less than 150 nurses per year have ever been recruited under this visa category.

A third bill, HR 1929, titled “Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act”, was introduced by Rep. Sensinbrenner. It would prohibit limitations on visas under Schedule A. The bill would allow for 20,000 visas per year, plus any unused numbers to be available for nurses. The bill would also impose fees on employers who petition for immigrant nurses. In addition, it provides grant money for schools of nursing to increases nursing faculty and students.

Senators Melendez, Schumer, Durbin and others have introduced the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, S125, which is expected to start hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the controversial issues of immigration, amnesty, waivers for young children and border protection. It includes the same language as HR1933 regarding H1-C visas. In the past, Senators Durbin and Schumer have authored nursing immigration legislation. It is doubtful that any meaningful legislative action will occur, however, since 2012 is a Presidential election year, and legislators and presidential candidates want to avoid extremely divisive issues

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