Gwinnett Tech Financial Aid confusion!

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This is my 1st quarter @ Gwinnett Tech and my first time ever dealing with financial aid. I am sooo confused with this fiancial aid junk! :confused: The ladies in the office are making me feel like an idiot... Apparently my classes have already been paid for- Im just confused on how I can buy the books that I need without spending my own money first. If anyone has any clue please save me the trouble of having to go back into that dreadful office! Thank you mucho!!!

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Hope only give you 150 in book money, unless you have pell or something you also receive. If HOPE is all you are getting, the rest after the 150 comes out of pocket...

i will have a few extra bucks left over as well as my hope but how does that apply to my books? am i issued some sort of account or something?

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I was at Griffin tech and in Bannerweb it displayed my scholarships and balances under rewards, I do not know if your school follows that same procedure, but Gordon does at least. I know nothing about your school so contact the bookstore/fin aid on monday if banner web tells you nothing

I'm going to GTC right now. This will be my 3rd quarter. To be honest, I was really confused as well because things have changed in the HOPE program since the late 90s when I was in school. I still don't fully understand the whole book allowance thing at GTC, but it seems like you have an account with money in it strictly for your book purchases. What I've always done is pay for my books with my own money. Then, in the middle of the quarter, the school will mail you a check in the balance of your book allowance account.

You're not alone in this confusion thing. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from student accounts stating I owed $60 for next quarter's classes. However, I looked under my banner account and it said I owed nothing. I emailed student accounts for an explanation of the $60 dollars and they gave me the lamest answer. I emailed again, and this time they didn't respond. So I emailed financial aid and they assured me that everything is paid and not to worry.

Just hang in there. BTW...what classes are you taking next quarter?

I am taking ENG 1101 SCT 0100 SOC 1101 and human development... im going to retake the compass before I start my mathe remedials because I feel that I could achieve a better score.

Good luck with your classes. I'm taking Human A&P II next quarter. Some advice...take the Human A&P classes all by themselves if you want to get an A. There's an extreme amount of information to absorb in those classes. I was speaking with the Respiratory Care instructor, and he informed me of this. I doubted him at first, but I went ahead took his advice. He was absolutely correct.

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