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could you guys give me a nursing research topic


i am third year nursing student and i am looking for nursing research topic that is simple


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I did a paper on the signs of child abuse.

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Pick a topic directly related to the field of nursing you plan to pursue after graduation. That way, it will be a special project relevant to the jobs you are seeking that you could include on your resume -- to show a deep interest (and some extra education) in that field.

I am looking for an evidence based reasearch topic tht is newer....my instructors are encouraging us to find a topic that has been researched but not implemented...for example "it is new best practice to not inflate the foley catheter balloon before foley insertion due to weakening of the balloon structure". This research is already being implemented...i would like something not in affect yet...

Any ideas? Can be anything nursing..any skills, any staffing problem, any degree advancement topic..or anything you wish was different in nursing...i work a small,critical access ER so i would love to hear about ER/Trauma stuff....

Thanx~ ashley


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Masters Degree entry level for Registered Nurses??


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Hi there, National Public Radio just did an interview with a state representative ( I can't remember the state, maybe Delaware? ) regarding the profiling of patients who frequently visit the E.R. The idea is to assign such patients to a community based medical social worker in order to reduce the number of E.R. visits and reduce healthcare costs. These patients are then monitored with regular visits to their home, ensuring each is following the correct treatment plan. It seems this has significantly reduced the number of visits to the ER with early intervention. Perhaps a search of NPR would pull up the interview and provide links to additional information.

Thank you for this information! I will search this topic and see if this is something I can research and present. I will be graduating an Associates degree program this May and our research topic will be presented in May. These are the topics I have been looking at:

Contraindicated cricoid pressure during ET tube placement

Antibiitics impregnated opsite to cover central line placement

Hexadine impregnated heplocks on central lines

I was looking for something about I.O.s inserted prehospital and what emergency nursing can do to decrease infection rate (such as apply specific dressing upon arrival to ER) but i havent found anything. (sometimes they just come in all taped with nonsterile med-tape)

Anyway, I am still searching for the perfect topic.One that has been reasearched but is not being implemented as recommended.


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hmmm... The ICU I worked in used Clorihexadine heplocks over the central lines...