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I just got fired on Monday for suspect guilty of diversion . I don't live where I worked I'm about 2 hours away . I'm scared and facing homelessness. Do I turn myself in ? How long before they come to arrest me ? Has anyone ever let their license be revoked to avoid all hassle ? I live in Washington state and the BON here I have heard is tough .

WOW!!! OK I think you may be mixing two consequences of your actions (or at least those you are accused of) together. First, criminal prosecution happens at the hands of the local police and district attorney. If you are accused of diversion it is possible that you can with charged with crimes related to drug laws and theft. These cases are not easy to prove without direct (eyewitness) testimony but if a very strong case of circumstantial evidence exists and you diverted a bunch of meds they may be interested. Here you would most likely wind up in drug court and placed on strict probation for years in the worst case scenario depending on your record and if you were part of a larger criminal conspiracy (stealing then selling). It is also very possible depending on the level of evidence and the amount diverted that no charges will be placed against you as the DA has to prove all allegations against you in court.

The BON has no such burdens of proof. They will look at your case and most likely offer to put you in a monitoring program. These programs are hideous in my opinion but you may benefit from rehab. Further they offer you a way to save your license. You have to determine how much being a nurse is worth to you. If its not worth it walk away and get another career. If you want or need to continue to be a nurse prepare yourself for a rough ride.

Good luck!!!


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I'm just concerned about how i will know once I've been charged. I was living at the facility where I worked so my termination leaves me homeless with very little money . I don't have family so I'm scared and I don't know what to do thank you for replying


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Suspected- not convicted- Washington State has an alternative to discipline program. Many people go through this, most never get arrested. If I could do it again I would get a job with benefits and use those benefits to go through the rehab program. I also learned to go to an evaluator that did not offer inpatient treatment.

No matter what, don't give up, you are the captain of your ship- make the best choices you can to help yourself, and try to be gentle with yourself.


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I'm in the same predicament as you unfortunately. I don't have the answers that you need as I am learning about all of this too. if you need someone to talk to, I am here. there are some really great people on this site that I have met.