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My NICU is working on expanding our use of developmental care products and we're starting with Freddy Frogs. I used them at my last hospital, but I don't think we had specific guidelines for their use. Our medical director is very hesitant to introduce developmental care products for a variety of reasons, so I'd like some definitive guidelines in place before I present our proposal to her.

Would anyone be willing to share their units policy/guidelines or any research you've found? It would be much appreciated (by me and our poor 24-weekers)!

I would get with your unit's PTs about them. I know ours are so strict on how things are used with the babies. Freddy froggies are really heavy compared to the babies so they absolutely can't be on top of them. That's like rule #1. We basically use them as a positional tool. But I am in CVICU so we get the little bit bigger babes.

at one hospital FF was used incorrectly-it was placed being placed on babies chest so now there is reminder that a FF is like an elephant sitting on a baby's chest-should be placed below hips. Its now mainly used for holding in pacifier, holding resp tubes in place

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They are positional devices, and any time they are used the RN needs to remember that. They aren't pillows or restraints.

I'm in charge of DC in my unit, and I have to keep reminding people of that. Just always remember the baby needs to be in a flexed, midline position. With the knees together and close to the body, and hands midline and to the mouth. You want the baby in as close to a fetal position as possible. Positioning is meant to mimic how the baby would be positioned in the womb. Any positioning device is used to help support this position, and FF can be great helps for this. But if they are used incorrectly they can harm the baby.

If you are getting them through Dandle-lion or respironics, they usually have a rep who will come teach you how to use it. They aren't always a DC expert, but they can show you how its used and give you a sample policy.

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