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GRRRRRR!!! I got written up for clinicals


I was at my clinicals Tuesday and was very frustrated. (It didn't help that my hot water heater blew up before I left to go there.)

When we got there we were told we had to do two days of clinical work in one day. So I made a comment under my breath about it but the clinical instructor still heard it. Well the whole time I was there was a flop. I spent most of my time feeding people in the dining room because the resident I was supposed to do a head to toe on was eating in her room and didn't want company. So, I had to get my assessment done in half the time.

When we were leaving I was walking out with one of my friends and I was blowing off some major steam. Well, shame on me, I used a very colorful word before I was actually out the door of the facility and the instructor was right behind me.

To make it worse she only heard part of what I said and she thought I called her a b---h. I really didn't!!!!!!! She is a wonderful lady and I have a lot of respect for her.

But she wrote me up and took me to the director's office. I was told this will affect my clinical grade and I was never to say that word again! What she doesn't realize is that colorful word is used by a lot more of the nursing students than just me!!!

I talked to the clinical instructor after our on campus lab and we straightened out the misunderstanding but I still have a reprimand in my file over the whole thing.

I guess I just wanted to vent this. I am a good student, I help out anyone who needs help, drop my work to explain things to others at clinicals, and I get written up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :( :( :(

renerian, BSN, RN

Specializes in MS Home Health.

Live and learn. Just learn from it. We all learn every day. Look around before you vent LOL.


:uhoh3: Sorry you had such a rough clinical day. :o

When I was in school most students didn't dare talk about anything until they were home and then we would call one another.

I agree with renerian, we live and learn.

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