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I just got called to be in a group interview this wednesday for a cna position in accu. I was really surprised that I was called because I do not have any experience (yet) although I did take many extra cna specialty courses. I am really excited but also really nervous. I kind of feel intimidated being put up against other seasoned cna's. Does anyone have any good tips or advice? Thanks! :D



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I am still working as a PCT while I wait on my temporary LPN. The way I look at my patients.....I am their room service person. I am there to make them as comfortable as possible within my abilities. My goal for them as a tech is that they think I am the best tech they have ever had. Good luck and don't worry, you will be great!:)

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group interviews are meant to see how well you perform when working with others. as long as you are cooperative and thoughtful, not forceful and don't overreact to other people acting illmannered you will do fine. this is a personality interview, not experience interview.


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We had group interviews for our ADN program, but they still entailed an individual portion, one-on-one with an instructor.

One of the instructors gave a brief presentation about the program to the group of 20 or so applicants at the session (in all, there were more than a hundred applicants who made it to this stage), and encouraged questions and participation. However, this was so brief, I did not get the impression that participants were really given any consideration in the group setting as individuals. In other words, it didn'tseem to matter if you really participated, or just sat there looking interested.

Next we were called into individual faculty offices one at a time. There were about eight faculty members available, so this went quickly. However, this was the first time the faculty members had seen our aps, so they mostly asked general questions about background, why we felt we wanted to be nurses, and while we felt we fit their program.

It seemed to me that that question of "fit" was really listened to. Try to think of ways you can demonstrate that theirs is the right program for you and that you'll be an asset to their reputation once you graduate.


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Thanks you guys for your advice. I also got some books to prepare for tough interview questions which are helpful. Thanks again for your support and I'll tell you how it goes.;)



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Guess what! I got a second interview (this time a one-on-one) and I'm really excited. There are 2 positions and 20 applicants. I'll keep my fingers crossed and thanks for the advice.


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