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Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me advice. I have applied to the LPN program at my school but am looking for CNS training. The Nursing home that I applied to has interviews to get the CNA training. I have been in a group interview situation once . I am not really sure what they are looking for and I dont even know how to answer the questions. I have no medical background or training. What can I do or say to show that I am worth training? Im having so much trouble with this interview questions.

For example

Why do you want to work here? What am I going to say? I need a job just like everyone else that is true. I want to gain experience working with people and learn the basics of hands on care. Im so frustrated with this whole process. I dont have any confidance or anything to offer really. I have been on 1 job interview (for a retail job) and I thought it went very well, but I did not get the job. Can you offer me any advice?

They like to hear things about compassion and teamwork! Let them know that you hope to become a nurse and think that the best nurses were aides first. Tell them about wanting to gain experience.

The interview for the classes is probably just to weed out people who arent' smart enough to avoid saying "I need money" or "I can't get a job anywhere else", and they probably also intend to tell you what to expect from the program, etc.

I wouldn't stress about it!

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I did not interview for CNA training however I did have a group interview for a CNA job at an ALF with 2 other ladies, one with about 20 years experience that had left the field and came back and another with 7 years experience and was also assistant activities director. After hearing these two ladies speak of their experiences I knew I had no chance in being hired, but I got hired! I was asked several questions..

q1. why do you want to work with us?

q2. do you have any experience?

q3. what would you say was the hardest during your clinical experience?

q4. do you know how to use the hoyer lift and stand up lift?

q5. what kind of schedule are you looking for?

q6. where did you get certified?

many more questions but they are all simple to answer so just take your time and think of a great answer instead of saying I don't know. I hope this helped ! :up:

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