Grossmont ADN when I have a Bachelor's already


Hello everyone :) I was recently admitted into Grossmont's ADN program that starts in the Spring. I emailed a counselor about the program and wasn't 100% sure on her answer. I received my BA back in 2014 so a lot of the GE requirements (microbiology, anat, phys, English, Psych, Sociology, Speech, etc) have already been completed (except of course the nursing classes)....Will it still take me two years to complete my ADN due to a necessary sequencing of the nursing classes even with my BA already done?

Thank you!

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Yes. It will still take two years honestly you would be better off doing an accelerated BSN in my opinion. That may tube you better Jon options when you graduate.


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but Grossmont I can afford and since I already have a Bachelors---I really can't get government assistance getting a second Bachelors. That's why I chose Grossmont :). I just wished I could graduated sooner so I can apply for an MSN afterwards.

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What about one of those direct to MSN programs people with Bachelors degrees on other fields do?

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I got rejected from two of them in CA :(