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so before I went to lunch (4am) a patient made a bowel movement and the family demanded that her mom gets cleaned up.. so I did no big deal.. the light in the room was dimmed because the patient stated she didn't want too much light on.. after I got her cleaned up, I went to the bathroom to washed my hands..then went to lunch..washed my hands again.. as I was eating..each time i put food in my mouth i smell something that smells like BM.. looked at my arm and their was nothing there..smelled it and OMG it smelled like **** up scrubbed my arm and finished my meal like it was nothing..

any similar experience anyone? haha


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Hahaha that was pretty gross and hilarious.. I'm so paranoid when it comes to my food that I don't eat lunch at work. I usually have a granola bar, peanuts or banana something that I can not directly hold. I eat lunch/ dinner when I get home after I shower.

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I've no issues with eating after such things. Yeah, I still take deep breaths away from the patient when they have C-diff, or something of the like, but I never have issues eating afterwards.

But I wash my hands like a madman at work :D

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Once while I was still a nursing student I had a patient that had just had a bowel movement in the BSC. She was a little constipated so there were little poop pebbles in the bucket. Someone came by (I think it was the attending nurse) she said they needed a stool sample.

I tried to get a sample without touching it and let a little pebble role into the specimen cup but it just wasn't happening. I picked up a little poop pebble and put it in the specimen cup. The nurse mumbled something like, "Well, that's kinda gross." I was double gloved.....:rolleyes: and like we've never seen, or smelled or wiped poop before. Sheesh.