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anybody here that is starting at griffith uni in pre-reg?

Just wondering if how meny there are and if you are if you are interested in a Once a month sit down and talk about all that is going on and may be some foot health. ;)



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I don't go to your uni but I just wanted to wish you good luck :)



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Thank you Emmy good luck to you aswell.:) :)


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i'm at QUT going into 3rd year.. at least same city :)

i work with some griffith students.. anyway, i am sure if you need to know any of the ins and outs of being a student around here i could help ya


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Thank you

will keep it in mind.

Do you like the idea of foot health?


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i'm second year at GU. Which campus are you at?

Best advice is start your assaignments early or have you already worked that one out? I promise that I will do the same next semester :)


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Nathan yes know that one still getting my head around essay writing. will get it one day most likely with the last one I have to do. :)

Farkinott, RN

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Specializes in Renal, Haemo and Peritoneal.

I did my BN at Griffith Gold Coast. The assignments were tough but overall I think that the course gives a good basis to start your Registered Nursing. I was at an advantage in that I was an EN at the time and could translate a lot of what I was learning to my work (that's another story! work and full time study-just avoided the straight jacket I think!)

I teamed up with 3 wonderful ladies almost from day one and we graduated together. We tried to get into all the same tutorials together and spent a lot of time as a group studying. I found that we each brought different strengths to the group, the main one being that we were mature age students and did not have time to stuff around like the high school graduates. I have to admit though that I was jealous of their lifestyle and blase attitude to study!

An simple example of what I mean is that if you find a good article you photocopy some for your buddy group. You have to look after yourself and look after the group cos then the group will look after you! I observed that the people who tried to get thru uni on their own suffered a long hard road. The stress of uni is a large but worthwhile burden. I am now in a job I love and have the capacity to move on if I get bored .

Try and be positive with difficult subjects like A & P, pathophysiology, pharmacology and stuff, and above all else you will do well if you read the book! Don't be afraid to spend a bit of money photocopying either. A few dollars' outlay can save a lot of time in the library!

It's all worth it! Go for Gold!

Good Luck!

By the way the Uni bar usually had a good live band on Friday arvo so late lectures were merely optional, beer and music were sanity savers!


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When you learn how to finish the assaignments before the night before the due date (did that make sense?) please let me know. If there weren't any due dates I'd still be finishing off first semester first years assesment.

Don't know if this helps but don't stress about your marks. "P's make degree's". It helps so much to understand this. We have to pass every piece of assessment and doing really well in one part of the subject doesn't make up for failing a piece of assessment worth 5% (as I understand it). On my last prac I did not once come across APA referencing.

My brother told me that uni was easy. Just attend all of the lectures and tutes, do your readings, hand in your assaignments on time and you'll be right. If you have ever heard of the rumour of "Griff-TAFE" I am begining the think it is true.... better stop now before I get into trouble.

oh yeah... in my humble opinion the tutors are awsome at Nathan. shame about some of the lecturers


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I agree with farkinott. Team up (but not to many people) and share share share. You are not competing with anyone (well I am not). Try to stay out of office politics as well. Don't play the "what did you get" game


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so i gather that you are going to nathan than? we should meet up sometime.

I just got an extention for two essays that where due today had sick kids and hubby this week. I love Sue, she makes it fun and doesn't mind if you want to put your bit across.


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just sent you a personal message. hope it comes through as my security settings are set to "paranoid" and many net things don't work

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