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Greenville Tech Spring/Summer 2021


Hey Everyone! I haven't applied yet, as I am going to retake the TEAS, but has anyone applied yet? Is it still set for September 15th?

I applied for the fall 2020, but only had 121 points, so I'll hopefully have more this time around!

Good luck everyone!

I also applied to the fall semester but did not get in... I only have 106 points for the Spring but I am not sure if I should volunteer just to get four more points.

That's okay! You will need 50 hours of volunteer time, so it depends if you are able to get that before the application deadline (Sept. 15). But I think it's always worth a shot.

I just applied with 146 points. Fingers crossed! 

That's awesome! I applied with 136! Last semester they accepted in the range of 131 to 200(something - I don't remember the exact number). So if it's anything like that we will be good!

I submitted my application last week, so nervous to hear back! I didn't get any volunteer hours due to COVID, ugh.  Correct me if I am wrong but word of mouth says that not many people have applied for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 session. Seems odd but I could be wrong! 

I just applied with 141 points. I am so nervous to find out if I got in or not, the wait is going to feel like an eternity! Hoping there are fewer applicants!

Where are y’all finding out about the score ranges and number of applicants, etc.? 

Oh awesome, I had no idea that report existed. Thanks for sharing! 

Has anyone heard anything about the amount of people applying? Should be finding out soon if we got in. Applied with 127 points so fingers crossed. 

I haven't, and I'm not really sure where we are able to get that information. Although I will say based on past forums on this site, it seems like a lot less. Apparently it is usually less during the Spring applications since it isn't a traditional school year start time. 

127 points is awesome! I'm hoping we hear within the next two weeks, but we technically still have 4 weeks to go until the 8 weeks is up.

Yeah I saw that too. Last cohort they sent out the letters like two weeks earlier - so everyone got their letter around the 6 week mark. So I am hoping that’s how it’ll go this cohort too but we’ll see. 

Has anyone heard anything yet? The anticipation is REAL guys!

No - if we get it around the six week mark we should get it this week! 

I know!! I have been checking my email constantly throughout the day in case I missed it. Hopefully this week!

I did it! I got in Summer 2021! I applied with 146 points.

I start Spring 2021!! Super excited!