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Any Green Bay area residents out there? Wanted to know what the employment outlook for LPN's is in the area? Are LPN's accepted in the medical facilities, or are they mostly RN based facilities? And what is the expected salary range for LPN's in the area? Thanks!


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I have been a CNA for 8 years in the Green Bay and northeast WI area, mostly as agency staff, meaning I traveled to all types of facilities. I graduated as an LPN last year and have worked at a local hospital for the past five years, first as a CNA, then as a Nurse Extern. This position allows me to do almost all that an RN can do, but under direct supervision. I get a higher pay (typical LPN wage) and get to learn as I continue on with school. These positions are hard to come by and are usually hired in-house.

The hospital I work at does not hire LPN's for inpatient care. You may apply at a clinic which is typically a M-F job with a lower wage or you can apply at almost any nursing home and are almost guaranteed employment. There is a large shortage in the nursing home field. The pay is typically much higher, but the work load is heavy and will typically include weekends/holidays.

I started working at a nursing home on the side for extra cash starting at $18/hr. I am continuing on to be an RN and chose the Nurse Extern position because I would like to stay with the hospital I have been working for when I complete my degree.

Some hospitals, such as St. Vincent's or St. Mary's do have LPN's working on the floors with supervision of the RN's, but I'm not sure that this will continue in the future and I tend to think that these LPN's were somewhat grand-fathered into these positions, meaning, you may have difficulty getting a position there. You may want to contact your local hospital HR dept to question if they do hire LPN's. You can also inquire starting wages.

Another option is working home health or for the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association). The pay is not bad, but you will be required to travel from home to home providing individual patient care. The hours may be unusual and/or somewhat unpredictable, may include weekends/holidays, and you will use your own vehicle which may or may not include maintenance/mileage compensation.

Hope this has helped a little...your best bet is to get into a bridge program and complete your RN degree. It will open up so many doors. Also, you will find that many times you are doing as much work as the RN with much less pay....something to think about. :pumpiron: GOOD LUCK!


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I graduated in the LPN program last year in green bay. I have decided to leave where i am currently and go to a clinic. the pay ranges from 12.57- 14.00. i am not sure about aurora, but they have 3 openings right now. there are some homecare places looking for LPNs now, too- i think the pay range is 14-15 doe. our local tech school is graduating a lot of people every year, there isnt as much of a selection as i had hoped, especially no hospital work it seems. i definitely think the bridge to RN program is the answer, otherwise check out wisconsinjobnet and career good luck!


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Daughter lives in Green Bay. She has said there is no real shortage there for nurses. Pay is good if you have a job but there is no real demand since most people stay with the job. I have heard Aurora is difficult to work for, something about beepers. SIL does not think much of many of the nurses he deals with, seems they always say "not my job". He has called me a few times and asked if I do some of these things, or if my fellow nurses here do them, I have always said yes we do. He really does not like the way many of the ER nurses there treat his patients.

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