Greatest Lpn to Lpn student advise you can give....


:heartbeat What is the very best advise that you have, BIG or small....???


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I will start off by saying: Have Tunnel Vision...see yourself successful in everything that you do, no matter how significant. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that only the strong will survive and get to see.

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My strongest advice is to pray, study, and have faith. I agree, tunnel vision is a must.

OP you really encouraged me. I'm supposed to graduate in December from RN school but it seems so far away and I have such much work to do this semester. I must keep my tunnel vision and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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i would say yes to the tunnel vision and stay on top of your grades so if u have a weak burnt out moment it wont be so hard on your grades if u stumble


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I agree steffuturelpn...I tell people all the time, don't simply strive to just pass, I go after 100% on every test, quiz, assignment. That way, if I feel the way I do today, tired and lazy, I will slip and fall on a B...not so bad, lol.


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"no one said it would be easy, but they promised it would be worth it" keeps me going!


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My program is known for having a 100% nclex pass rate. That being said... I did what I was told to do when I was told to do it. I tried to be flexible and go with the flow. One thing to remember is that you are a representative of your program both on and off campus so you MUST do so well. Be prepared for clinicals -physically. Have that bag packed the night before w/ your stethescope, penlight and resource books and your NAME TAG shouldn't leave your car (if you get in that habit of throwing it in the glove box after clinical you'll never lose it or forget it).

Remember that it's a year. You can do anything for a year!!!

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Wow, your words have all really encouraged me.. Thank you! I'm in my last semester and its getting tough, but I will continue to work hard.

My advice is: Know that you'll have really bad days- just expect it. But You have to focus on what you want out of this path to being a nurse. Despite what Life throws at you, you have to persevere to get through.. That's what's keeping me going right now only. Although I feel like its a never-ending tunnel... I focus on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel-- and if I try hard enough with my all.. I think I see it.. so just strive. And believe in yourself. If other people can do this, so can you! :)

Strive for excellence but don't beat yourself up when you slip once or twice. Even the best students get a quiz or two that they mess up on. Read everything! Have a good attitude - always! Remember it is a privelege to take care of your clinical patients, they don't have to let you practice on them! And remember to enjoy yourself. Hang out with your friends, proclaim "no-study weekends" whatever you have to do to keep your sanity!!


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Please, whatever you do, do not get sucked into any drama! Focus on yourself and your education! Because there is bound to be drama where ever you go! Remember you are there to be the best nurse you can be! :D