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Greatest idea yet!


Too bad we can't open our own hospital and all work together! What a bunch we would be! All our patients would have clean butts and get all the care and love they need.

Pity reality doesn't allow any such thing!

We all can only do as much as we are able to do to make our patient's lives better.

A smile is usually more than enough payment for me, even when performing the most vile or gross of tasks.

The knowledge that I MADE A DIFFERENCE, no matter how small is all the reward I need for the hours in class, the tears, the sweat over tests, and the insecurity I felt and still feel as a student.



Thank you so much for posting such a positive thought. It is truely refreshing. I agree, if nurses were in charge, the hospital would be a totally different place.

Good luck in school this semester!!


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Could we open this hospital in a place that gets NO SNOW!!!!

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