had a great day in nursing!


As a new grad on a med surg floor I have had so many days where i honestly wanted to quit!! But im happy to share my great last night! All my patients were angels and i went to help an elderly man to the BSC after he urinated on his sheets. As I was helping him to his feet (he was kinda shaky) and said, "would you like to dance?" It was truly a great moment because you could tell he was a gentlemen. We laughed and I made sure he had everything he needed, changed his gown and bed and tucked him in. I wish he was actually able to dance with me!! a special moment for me. THAT is what i love about nursing.... those special caring moments. :redbeathethanks for reading!!


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So sweet :) Thanks for sharing.


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OH that is soo sweet. I can't wait to be a nurse someday.


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I am a total sap for good nursing stories, and this was very refreshing to read. You hear and see so much negative all day.. it was good to come home to this story. Thank you.


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What a great story! Nursing can be so rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

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your story has brightened my day. i am so happy for you !

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