Great Day at Clinical


Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that I had my rotation in the pre-op area yesterday and I got to start 2 IVs and I nailed both of them on the first stick!!:) :) I am on cloud nine. I know that this will NOT happen all the time, but it really gave me the confidence I needed about this skill. We are required to start IVs on each other before we can go to clinical and I got that one the first time too, but I didn't feel as good about it because the instructor was standing right over my shoulder the whole time giving me instruction. This time it was with my nurse on the floor and she let me do the whole procedure without a word from her. Hope everyone else is loving school as much as I am this semester. Have a great weekend!


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Awesome! I know who to call next time I need an IV ;)

What semester are you in? We will start IV's our 2nd semester of ADN program...I can't wait!

Wow, I'm impressed, and I haven't come anywhere near an IV yet!

Good for you. It's nice to have that boost in your confidence, it makes you feel like you could take on the world (and I'm sure you could right now!)

Keep up the good work!

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Good job!

I missed to IVs yesterday. I suck at IVs lately. :)


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :innerconf That surely is a great boost to your confidence.

Enjoy the rest of your clinicals.

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