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Okay, I have to let you guys know, since I complained so much my first couple of clinical days, that today was AWESOME!! I got to really talk with my patient and his wife and do a lot of assessment stuff, and help with other patients as well, and keep my patient comfortable. I really felt connected to him as another human being and felt I was making a positive difference to his day and giving his wife a break from a lot of his personal care. It was such an incredible experience, made me remember why I want to be a nurse when after the previous clinical day I had wondered why I ever got myself into it!! I just wanted to share and thank all of you for your support these days!!


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GOOD FOR YOU!!! Glad your day was fantastic! Now...remember this feeling when you have another "bad" one!! That's the trick! Hold on to the really good ones to pick you up when you're down!! :D


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Rayrae, I'm so happy for you!!! Nurseshell give good advice...remember this (and the other good days you will have) when things get discouraging! Good luck with the rest of you clinicals!



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That's great Rayrae. I am sure that you probably left a great lasting impression on your patient and his wife as well.

I am still waiting for that to happen to me. It seems to be getting better every clinical tho.

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thanks guys! I will remember this clinical day on the tougher days. Peachysweet it will happen!! It is the neatest feeling, and comes in the littlest moments and ways you might never expect. You will find yourself really beginning to feel like a "real" nurse. Good Luck to you and keep us posted on how it goes!

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