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I just finished my first clinical rotation in a long term care facility. I've read a lot of horror stories of nurses on clinical sites. I just wanted to give a different stoy. The one LPN at the facility I was at was so nice. She was always helpfull and willing to answer questions. She really helped make it a great expierience for me and the other students in my group. When I reported off on the last day she thanked me for being there and said "You're realy going to make a great RN." Just wanted to share this story and say Not all nurses hate students and some are very great to work with.


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I recently had a very similar experience at LTC. We finished our first rotation this past week and all of the LPN's, RN's and CNA's were so great to work with. They were all so helpful. When we were leaving the RN wished us all well and said "when you graduate, think about working in geriatrics!"

It was a great first experience.

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