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I'm an RN, and I graduated last May 2004 with my ADN. I am finishing up my BSN this summer! So happy about that... anyway...

I need to take the GRE. I am going to take the Fall to study and test. I then plan to start applying next spring to graduate programs.

Here's the deal. I've done a few practice tests and and I have just been so irritated with the math. I won't even score it I am so frusterated with it! I go over time and I feel like I am just guessing. I don't think I know anything, and like it is totally over my head. I've taken both college alegbra and stats, and I feel like very little of it applies. I guess my classes weren't that hard! I can't seem to remember much from those classes either. But, hand me a manual drip rate anyday and I'll whip it out. I can do almost all nursing math like a breeze. But this stuff is so hard for me!

Has anyone delt with these same feelings? Did anyone apply to any grad programs with poor to medium math scores and still get in? Thanks!

p.s. I almost feel the same with the essays but not as bad. I just feel like I'm BSing through the entire thing! UGH! Any comments there?

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I would look at the programs you are planning to attend. Do you absolutely need the GRE? Perhaps you can take the MAT instead? Many grad. schools in nursing accept both. Also, it seems like a lot of schools are starting to waive the entrance exams (GRE's, MAT) if you have above a certain GPA. Just a thought to consider.


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I saw a GRE for dummies kind of book in my college bookstore. Maybe this would help you to refresh the math. Good luck!

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check with the school you are applying to, I have to take the GRE also but come to find out my school does not require the analytical writing portion, just the math and verbal! thank goodness...also the GRE website has some software you can download that is helpful! Ive taken two of the practice tests and both times the math seems like mostly geometry (havent seen that since hs!) There were quite a few questions on triangles too! I found the verbal to be the hardest part! good luck, if you look there are many many cheap GRE review books you can get...i got one for .10 lol

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