GRE study tips/review classes


I need to take the GRE and I picked up a review book today. Totally confused on how to study for this! Anyone have any helpful ideas on what you did?


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I am also in the beginning stages of studying for the GRE. I have downloaded free study guides. Do you like the book you bought?


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I just took the GRE last June. I allowed myself a solid month to study, and I studied about 4-5 hours a day, every day. I used a Kaplan review book and a Barron's book for vocabulary. I am stronger at the verbal stuff than the math, so I did tons and tons of math problems and really had to go over the geometry because I never took that in high school. I also made flash cards for vocab words--I think I had a stack of about 300-400 cards, and I would go over them several times a day, a chunk of cards at a time. I did well on the test (1380), but it was the HARDEST test I have ever taken, even with all the prep work I did! I could hardly drive home afterward! :) Definitely study and use the review books to brush up on your weak points. I am usually really good at standardized tests, but this was a whole different ball of wax, let me tell ya! :)