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Im a 38 year old male graduating nursing school this December. The end goal is CRNA or PMHNP as a backup.

I have no kids and no wife so I'm willing to apply in any state and move to get into CRNA school right away.

I'm in school in the Atlanta area and have heard grady was a golden ticket to have on your resume.

I have a good chance of getting into grady residency program and I have an offer to get into piedmont residency program.

The thing is grady is 1.15 hour drive to get to so there would be the long drive (which I'm willing to make).

Piedmont is only 15 minutes away.

Is grady so much better on the resume that the drive is worth it for 2 years of experience.

If the goal is CRNA school do I do grady ER or go for ICU in piedmont right away?

Please don't say piedmont just because the drive. I'm willing yo drive over an hour for work for the righr situation for my future.

Im just wondering if grady is leap years ahead of others in the Atlanta area.

My clinicals were at Grady, I've worked for Piedmont. Hands down I would go for Grady for what you are hoping to obtain. If I lived within a reasonable driving distance I would 100% work there now. It is unique for many, many reasons. 

My only advice is  though you are willing to make the hour plus drive you have to keep in mind  that ATL traffic is, even on the best of days, a complete nightmare without construction closures, weather issues or accidents. You also have to factor in the parking at Grady that will likely take you at least 30 - 45 min once onsite as the parking deck and parking areas for employees are huge. Then the walk to whatever unit you are going to be working on plus the elevator time (it's not quick) so 12 hour shifts easily become 15. You may want to consider either moving closer or renting a place where you can stay on the days/nights you work as it would be ripe for quick burn out otherwise no matter how highly motivated you are.

But definitely, Grady over Piedmont. Piedmont can be a future position as they are always hiring.

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If the goal is CRNA school do I do grady ER or go for ICU in piedmont right away?

If CRNA is the end goal you might as well skip the ED and go straight to the ICU at either hospitals. Although some programs accept ED experience, majority of them will take an ICU nurse over an ED-only nurse. However, if you do ED because you're highly interested then do that for a year and then transition to the ICU for another year or two then apply. But take it from me, an EM trained RN who transitioned, if CRNA is the goal, skip the ED.

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