after graduation and obtaining the RN license?

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i was wondeirng if any of you are concerned about obtaining employement as a licensed RN after graduation?

i know there is a shortage of nurse aroudn the country but that doesnt mean a hospital will hire you just because you have a RN license.

i know it will be hard for me to gain anytype of medical experience because the RN cirriculum at my school is very intense so with this said do you all think it will be hard to get jobs straight out of school with no experience?


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We've got quite a few hospitals waiting for our graduation date. It doesn't seem as though it would be a problem, at least not here in central Florida. The first year can be difficult because it seems everyone tells you to spend the first year getting experience on a med/surg floor. Personally, I'm hoping to get into pediatrics or obstetrics---that might be a little difficult to get hired for the first year, but I will definitely be trying.


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Nope. Not worried in the least. I haven't even started the actual nursing program (still doing pre-req's & on waiting list) and already had a doctor tell me to give 'em a call when I graduate.

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