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OK....yes, I do not want to be superstitious, but I am excited about graduation... but, my greatest challenge yet, not the puke...not the poop.. not the endless piles of paperwork or infiltrated IV's... but CONSOLIDATION OF SCHOOL LOANS.... I owe soooo much... How do I do it? :o


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Hi, Im new to this and I dont know where to post. Do you mine helping me with a question:

A community nurse heard about hunting season will begin to the aboriginal areas, what she can do to teach safety according to their cultural practice in order to promote health of the community.

a. prepare a brochure of how to prevent injury

b. teach them to avoid alcohol in hunting

c. call wild conservation officer to talk with community people

d. show video hazard about hunting

Thanks so much really appreciated!!!



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Graduating in May 2005, just passed my "6 months to go" mark!!! So excited. I plan on getting a tattoo the day I pass boards. My sister-in-law (RN) and I are both getting a caduces with a nurse's cap on top and the letter R on one side and N on the other. I can't wait!!!!

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