Graduating w/ only 1 pair of scrubs

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What about Maxim do I need to research? They're a staffing agency for CNA's, LVN's, LPN's and RNs..what about Maxim do I need to research?

I tried to send you a PM , but you have disabled the option. Let's leave it at.. Maxim is less than a desirable employer. You can research them here on AN. I worked for them briefly as an RN. The pay was 60 % the going rate and the front office was staffed by the Three Stooges.


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I work in a LTC facility and we wear what scrubs we want. I'm in Connecticut and we have a scrub shop called Scrub Wearhouse. I have a favorite pant made by Cherokee that they always have for $9.99 per pair. And short to make my life easier!! They come in a multitude of colors and I can always buy off the rack. I believe they have online purchases but not positive. My scrub tops always come from either their clearance racks to match the pants, or I make them. For those of you who sew, New Look pattern #6777 is my go to. Two pieces plus the pockets and you've got exactly what you want in no time. I make holiday tops because my residents love them. One of my residents LOVES butterflies...........I also can make my sleeves a little longer and the top a litter longer than on the pattern. Takes no time at all. (Well, not true because I'm a perfectionist). But my residents and co-workers LOVE them. Walmart in my state has scrub tops for as cheap as $6 but they only have one pocket at the chest area. I personally don't like that. They also have printed scrubs/Disney, etc. and some of them are $15-$18. I can make mine with about 2 yards of fabric, so I'm good to go, have multiple scrub tops and they're definitely not just like everyone elses. I did pick up a top today at Family Dollar in Connecticut that was on clearance plus an additional 50% off. Paid $2.25 for it and will wear it. Don't absolutely love it but it works for me. I do often wonder though if our facility will turn to specific colors/styles. THAT will be a bummer!!


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