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Graduating RN school after struggling

I am basically looking for some encouragement. I am currently in a LPN to RN program and am not doing very well. I have never struggled in school, not even in LPN school, but this school I go to calculates your test grades and assignments separately. So, I have to pass my tests with a 76% or better and then they calculate in the assignments and homework. I have missed it twice by 74%, once in the LPN to RN transitions and again in mental health. I struggled with mental health in LPN school. Needless to say my confidence is shot and I am wondering if this is all worth it. If any one else struggled and now has a success story I would very much appreciate it.:crying2:

I do not have a success story but I do want to encourage you to continue. Do not give up!!! You are so close to realizing your dreams. Work hard and ask your instructors if there is anything that you could do to improve your test scores.

I am an LPN hoping to start my transition program in the later part of May and I am determine that nothing is going to stop me from obtaining my RN!

I don't plan on giving up it's just hard when you're not use to failing and you had a deadline in your head and now out keeps getting further and further away. I guess what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger and make me really appreciate my journey that much more. It is still really frustrating.

Please do not give up.... let me tell you my story and I think you will feel much better. I started my LVN to RN transition program in Jan of 2009, I was suppose to of graduated in May of 2010. I failed two classes (pedi and ob)which resulted in me getting kicked out of the program.. I was so devestated, I had vowed not to go back, but through the encouragement of one of my instructors she had me write a letter to the acceptance committe to get back in.. I did and was accepted back in August of 2010. I graduated March 10 2011. I just took my NCLEX yesterday and got the good pop up on the pearson vue website.. so please please do not give up. put everything and i mean everything on hold and just focus on your studies... It is all worth it.. I hope my experience helps to encourage you to continue.:yelclap:

I want you to examine what is not working. Are you reading the assignments. Are you taking notes and reviewing them after class. Do you have difficult writing or understanding the assignment. Everyone has difficulty on tests. Some of us get a poor grade on a test but other exams that has a better grade will offset the poor grade. My college assigns points for each test, paper, assignment etc. Everything is added together to get the final grade for the course.

The thing is to determine where the problem and take steps to solve the problem. Talk to your professsor/instructor as well as other students. They may have suggestions that is useful.

I have been in your shoes and understand your situation. Do not panic. See what can be done and make changes.


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