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Graduating and New Job Timeline


Hi everyone!

I'm graduating this upcoming May from a traditional bsn program. I'm just wondering, what were/are your guy's timelines for interviews, getting hired, graduating, NCLEX, and starting the program?

I graduate May 9th. I'm also getting married at the end of May. I was hoping to go on my honeymoon the first week of June. If this would conflict with starting a job though, my partner and I would postpone our honeymoon.

Just curious on how it worked out for you guys. I have 2 more semesters left and I am so excited. I really love nursing and I can't wait to start my career! Thanks!!! :yes:

rob4546, ADN, BSN

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I graduated about the same time this May and I was working by the second week in June. I could have been working earlier but I had to wait for a NCLEX test date. I had a job waiting for me and I didn't really have to go looking for a position.

I would plan on testing as soon as I could after graduating because your chances are the highest at that point.

I graduated around the same time this year and took NCLEX in June. Interviewing for jobs didn't start until around two months after passing boards, but, that could be very different for you depending on where you live.

When are you planning on taking boards? I agree with the PP that you should sit for boards ASAP after graduating, but, I also believe that you should take boards after your wedding. Usually, it is recommended that you get "major life events'' taken care of prior to sitting for the exam.

Good Luck on the rest of your journey!

It is a very hard thing to predict. I graduated this past May and I am still jobless. However, I have friends from my class who had jobs before graduation. One girl even got hired in March!!

Here's my experience:

Graduated - May 2014

Took Kaplan Course - June 2014

Took NCLEX - June 2014

Job #1 Interviews - July 2014 (didn't get it)

Job #2 Interviews - August 2014 (I think/hope I'm going to get this one)

Here's my recommendation... Take your NCLEX before you get married and before your honeymoon. It is such a relief to take the test and to be done studying. If you wait until after your wedding/honeymoon you will be stressed about your upcoming test and most likely studying during your honeymoon (no fun). You can start looking for a job when you get back from your honeymoon.

Good luck! And congratulations!

I think it depends where you are located, and how quickly you can get a job. I'm in the NY metro area and I know some classmates are still looking for a job, 1 year later.