Graduating in June '08 - should I start looking for jobs now?


Hi everyone,

I'm graduating from my LPN program this June and was just curious if I should start looking for work now? Also, does anyone have any advice as to the best places I should look --- since I already have a BA in Psych I'm thinking about going on to get my NP in the future instead of my RN.

Thank you!

Ellyn :)

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I think you have to be an RN to become a nurse practitioner. If you can get a job as a CNA at a particular place of interest until you pass NCLEX-PN, that would be cool. Otherwise, I'd start inquiring about the sort of jobs available for new LPN grads in your area to get a pulse on what is happening. Maybe the papers, websites, etc...


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Thanks Pagandeva,

Because I already have a Bachelors I could go on to get my NP in a "master's-entry program". They require more pre-reqs than RN, but would take 2 years instead of the 1-yr LPN to RN transition - there are several programs in Boston... hence the desire to work somewhere where I could get as much clinical experience as possible, and also be happy to go to work everyday b/c I'd be doing pre-reqs for a couple of years. I've heard that if you start working as a CNA before getting the PN cert it can be a difficult transition as far as pay-rate change, and possible relationship struggles with fellow employees. In your experience is this true? In my clinical experiences so far I've only been in contact with a few LPNs so have not been able to REALLY talk to them about their experiences.

Thanks for any insight... :D

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I personally didn't start looking for jobs until I had that LPN/LVN licensure in my possession. If you already have passed NCLEX and received your license, that's one less reason for any potential employer to turn you away. Good luck to you!


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I worked as a Tech in a hospital 3mos before I graduated. I gained a TON of experience before I even graduated.

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