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Graduated, took a year off, now trying to find a job.

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Hello there,

I am in desperate need of some advice.

I live near Toronto, Canada. In Aug 2003 I graduated from an RN diploma program and then went on to get my nursing licence. Being someone who suffers from low self-esteem and low confidence, I didn't pursue my nursing career right away because I thought "I can't do it, I'm not good enough". That was a little over a year ago and now I feel confident and that I can do it, however, I have been looking for a job in a Hospital but I haven't had any luck. I have had a few interviews so far but no job offers. I am so worried!!

I have even started to think about applying to the U.S in hopes that I may get a job offer there, even though it may be scarry moving out and living on my own in a different country.

Another option may be going back to school to get my nursing degree which will take 2 years.

I am really excited about working as a nurse but I am losing hope.

Please HELP!!!


Have you tried Mount Sinai or St Micheal's? They always seemed to be hiring when I lived in Toronto.

Hi! The job market is tough. Yes...we all heard there is a shortage of nurses in Canada. Then how come new graduates have such a hard time finding Nursing Jobs?!?! I graduated in May 2004. I applied for jobs in Ottawa...Heard nothing back. Many of my classmates have no luck either. Some are working in nursing homes. Or part-time with horrible shifts in the hospital. Some (myself included) are working in the U.S. It can be scary to move to another city/ country and being on your own. Look at it as an advanture! =)

Do you have any connections with hospitals in the Toronto area? Know anyone working in the hospital or wherever you want to work at? It's so much easier to get a job if you are recommended by someone rather than applying on your own.

Don't give up!

All the best to you!!!

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I agree, if you have someone who you know that already works at a facility see if they would be willing to go to bat for you. Sometimes that helps.

hi, hang in there... you are right, the job market is tough especially in Toronto... there really are no job opportunities for us new grads. its really difficult and its so competitive. ARRGH. i'm in the same situation but have you tried looking into other provinces? going to the states? i'm sure u can find better opportunities ELSEWHERE. if not, for now i recommend you to apply to an agency (if you live in toronto, i recommend carecor) they will place you in many different areas just so you can get your foot through the door. its true, a lot of nurses don't feel so great about agency nurses but you have to be strong... they'll pay you at least 28/hr - 32/hr depending ont he facility. just network...its reality its who you know, not what you know. like i said earlier, i'm in the same shoes and still nowhere... the job market sucks especially for someone like me who totally hates total care. haha. i'm planning to go back to school / move away... then get my bscn then possibly apply to a pharmeceuticals company to work as a med rep. crazy eh. lol.

anyway, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to msg me. good luck... just keep handing out your resume and go to the job fairs... there are also some resume workshops coming up.

take care

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