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Graduated in Philippines, worked as RN in US for 3yrs. can i apply as LPN in alberta?

msjodie01 msjodie01 (New) New

hi im an american citizen. I graduated in the Philippines last 2007 and migrated in US right after. I have 3 yrs experience as RN in the US. I recently moved to Alberta and am now a permanent resident. my question is, will CLPNA comsider all my RN experience in the US? or i still have to go through the entire process? thanks


Has 18 years experience.

Whether you apply to CARNA or CLPNA, a complete assessment will be performed. You are not a Canadian educated nurse and are required to be assessed.

Public safety is the main concern

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

You will still have to go theough the whole process reguardless of experience.


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