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Graduated from EC in 2000 Now would like to do BSN but am confused, can you help?

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I want to persue my BSN through EC. I went online and don't understand anything. Do you have to enroll before you can take any tests? If you can take some tests before enrolling which tests would those be?

Since I am already a ADN graduate of EC what classes to I have to take to finish my BSN. The site calls for x amount of humanities, and x amounts of history and english. Were these already satisfied during my ADN'? Can anyone tell me what classes I'll be expected to take? Thanks for any help you can give me helping me to understand the BSN

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Hi, I would call E.C. and talk with an advisor...they can tell you off of the top what you need. or you can log on to the site and print of the BSN grid which will give you an idea...hope i have been some help.


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You don't have to enroll until you're ready to take the HAPE- that's what I was told by a BSN advisor. Now, if you want to take some of the courses thru EC and then transfer to another school, you don't have to enroll at all. You can take the nursing courses and all. Also, there is a course you can take at Athabasca University in lieu of the HAPE. The TPE is done in your hometown and you videotape it and send it in. The other one (it used to be called the MOP, I think) is done online with a group now- I believe.

If you go to the publications page at the EC website, you can pull up the file on what the requirements are for the BSN. It's not too bad of a deal, really.

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