Graduate clinical degree vs. "business/leadership" degree?

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If you would get a masters, would it be in a advanced practice role or in a business area? I think I would like a masters in nursing but I really don't want to be a nurse practitioner. t


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Many schools offer Masters degrees in Nursing that don't lead to Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist. Just check around ... some are completely online.


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I'm planning on going back for my masters in nursing with an education emphasis - not because I expect to make a huge amount of money when I'm done, but because I would really like the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience - possibly in staff development. I hope I'm not being too idealistic, but I think that's where I'd be happiest.

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That's what I'm doing too. For most teaching jobs, at least in my part of the country, an MSN is necessary. Good luck,..

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I will graduate in May with an MSN in Nursing Administration. I have also completed the courses for the Advanced Nurse Educator certificate. I've also seen a graduate degree in Nursing Informatics.

Good luck!

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