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Grading Scales for science courses?


What is the normal grading scale for science courses at your school? Is it on a curve? Science is not my best subject but I was suprised to see a grading scale of 80-100 as an A for my summer biology class. Is this normal?

my biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry were all 85 and up for an A. anatomy and physiology were 90 and up. so i'm not sure if it depended on the individual instructor or if the program set these grading scales for each course.


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Wow ..people at my school would have loved that ,ours was the traditional 10 point scale ...100-90 was an A

In my chemistry class 86-100 was an A...all the others were 90-100 for an A.

All of my classes have been 90-100 for an A except for microbiology which was 93-100. I haven't had any classes that were graded on a curve.

Wow, the people at my school would have done a happy dance if it was on the ten point scale. Every science course I've been to, except one, are 93-100 as an A. That one special one was 96-100... >->

I've never had a class, much less a science class, graded on a curve. I haven't ever heard of the 80-100 thing either!

My science courses were 93-100 for an A.

I think the 80-100 for an A is highly unusual!

All my prereqs and core classes were on a 90-100 scale. Some classes through out questions based on how many people missed them. Also some classes were geared to make an A easy if you just showed up for class or they gave extra credit. My nursing program had 92-100 as an A with 74 or less an F. Next semester it goes to 94-100 an A and 79 or less an F.


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All of my science courses were graded as 93% - 100% = A. I've never heard of 80% = A....

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In NZ things are graded differently 45-65% is a C 66-80% a B and 81%-100% an A. his is what the grading scale was like for University Entrance. The tests are hard and it is meant to display that a C is average. This is graded on a curve so if you are in the top 20% of the country you get an A (of couse things may have changed since I left) I got an A for Biology but managed to scrape a C in art History 47%

I feel (and this is not necessarily a bad thing as I benefit from it) that A's are easy here or get awarded more often as opposed to everyone being ranked again each other

For microbiology & biochem at my school, an 88-100 was an A. I believe A&P was the same, too. I would have loved to have an 80-100 as an A though!

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