i have spent 2 yrs on pre reqs and havnt done well in them the least to say... now im comming back home and going to community college to basically restart my pre reqs now my problem is my grades form my other school is it possible that i will get into nursing school if i do verry well on all my pre reqs now?


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and wen i mean havnt done well i did horrible failed 2 sciences and when i re took them i got c's


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You should check with the schools you're interested in regarding their course retake policy.

I know most of the schools I've investigated only allow one retake, and even then, they average both scores rather than taking the highest one.


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One of the school in my area allows ONE retake. Another one will use the first grade meaning if you got a "C" and the retake was an "A," they'll count the "C."

Another one will advarage the grades. One allows retakes.

RLtinker, LPN

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You need to check your schools policies and talk to a councilor. If you transferred, usually only c's and higher will go with you to your new school. If a grade is over a certain number of years, usually 5, you might be able to get it dropped. Some schools average 2 grades while others let you use the higher of the two. But this all depends on your schools policies. I guess my next question is what school are you looking at? Because they all have different selection criteria to enter their nursing programs.