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Can anyone who was accepted into GPC's Spring accelerated program tell me what their overall gpa, science gpa, and NET scores were? This information would help me so much. Thank you.


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This would be for previous years of course. I am thinking about applying for Spring 2010. Thanks so much!

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I was accepted with a 3.5 overall GPA and 3.8 science GPA with an 83 on NET exam....hope this helps and Good Luck....GPC has changed tremendously and it is a very good school despite what others may say!!!


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Thank you. This helps a lot!!


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I was accepted for Fall 09 with Overall GPA: 3.83 and Science GPA: 3.91and a NET 76. The North American Average for my NET was 69.


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gamommy81 are you giving up on mercer?


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i was denied for fall 09 accepted for spring 2010 with the following stats

gpa nursing pre reqs= 3.72

overall gpa 2.69 (from non nursing related courses) switched my major like 2 times before deciding on nursing (brought my overall up from a 1.83 to this once i decidied i was going to be a nurse)

scince gpa= 3.83

net scores 83 (90 math, 76 reading )

all pre req’s taken at gpc


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Net- 88 (96th percentile for when I took it)

Science GPA- 4.0

Nursing pre-req GPA- 3.7

Overall GPA is over 3.4. It was a 3.4 a few classes ago. That is the unadjusted. Adjusted GPA is higher but I don't know what GPC uses.

I was accepted for the Spring but I am deferring in order to try my chances of getting in a BSN program. I hope GPC will accept me again next fall. I am skeered!

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