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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me. Please no judgements as this is already really stressful to me. Ive had to help support my family since fresh out of highschool and didnt do well in my classes. I took a break from school and went back because it is my DREAM to become a nurse. I have a 2.5 gpa. Is there any chance I could get in. What should I aim to score on my hesi? I did recieve a B in both Anatomy and Physiology so im not sure if that helps. Anyone else in the same boat and what was your experience? please let me know

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With a 2.5, you really don't have much of a chance. Nursing is very competitive and you're in the running with people with a 4.0. Your Anatomy and physiology are good enough. I would suggest possibly retaking some classes to raise your GPA.

Does your school have a multi criteria screening system? For example, in the nursing school I went to, getting 70/100 points meant you were going to be considered. You got 2 points for Life experience (family income aka receiving financial aid, disability), you got 40 points for having a 4.0 in A&P 1 an 2, Micro, English, 5 points for having a healthcare license (CNA, EMT, LVN)...etc. If your school has something like that, use that to your advantage.

Nursing is highly impacted and getting in with a 2.5 will be somewhat of a miracle.

With a 2.5 GPA it's impossible to make it in. You would want AT LEAST a 3.5 GPA on your nursing prerequisites in order to be accepted. Some schools don't look at your full GPA, and only look at your nursing prerequisites GPA.

At my school, on the HESI we just had to get a 75% on the math and reading sections to be eligible to apply. So, they didn't look at how high our HESI score was in order to be accepted, we just needed at least a 75%. If your school goes off of the HESI, you would want to shoot for the high 90s because your GPA isn't the greatest, so the HESI score could possible save you.

I would talk to a school counselor to find out what they exactly look at when choosing candidates for the nursing program.

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Chamberlain requires a 2.75 for consideration, so a 2.5 isn't going to be enough, no matter what you score on the HESI. Your best bet might be to repeat classes you didn't do well in to replace those grades, and you are going to need to make some A's to help you along. Have you looked at a GPA calculator to figure out how many classes you'd need to get your GPA up? You'll need to have all your grades and credits attempted to figure that out.

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