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Can someone give me advice...

I took 4 classes fresh out of high school, and at that point I really didn't care about going to college, so needless to say my starting GPA isn't great at all!!

How many classes will it take to raise that? I'm ashamed to say that because I was young and dumb I am now starting with a 2.55 GPA as a grown adult. My head is into this now and I hate that my past will be holding me down for awhile!

I will be applying to the nursing program in Feb. for Fall 2013! How much does GPA fall into place in their choosing process? Will they look and take into consideration that I started so low because I was young my first go around?

Ughhh this is frustrating!

The ADN program that I am applying to has a minimum overall gpa that you need, but they mainly look at what ypur grades are for the pre requiste classes. I too have had to work hard to raise my gpa after not taking college seriously right out of high school. I started with a gpa similar to yours and after a year or so I have managed to raise it to a 2.96. :) Not what I want but much better. Anyways.... in the end it just depends on the program that you are applying for. Good luck!!!

It depends on the school really. First, some schools make you retake any science courses if its been a certain amount of years. My school has a 5 year limit so it took a science course before 2007, you have to now retake it even if you got an A before. Your school has specific policies on retaking classes to replace the other lower grades. Speak to an advisor to find out. Also, for the classes you plan to take in the fall, aim for A's because that will certainly help your GPA. When it comes to actual nursing school, every single one is different. Some only look at your GPA, while others look at your GPA but also make an admissions decision based on whether you have any health care/ volunteer work, what you got on an entrance exam (TEAs, HESI) or how you did in the interview. Some schools may combine your old GPA with the new GPA you will receive in the fall while others may only look at your most recent GPA. I would talk to an advisor at your current school and start looking at the admission policies for nursing schools in your region. I hope this helps.

I start nursing school tomorrow. When I applied, I had a 4.0 in my prerequisites, and yes...most schools will use this as a top determining factor and make a cut based on that and then cull the list from there using criteria such as life experience, various health care related certifications/licensure, etc. Some schools have an interview process, some don't.

Anyhoo...I attended the same university over a decade ago as an English major. I had grandiose dreams of becoming a novelist. My ENG classes were all As, but I failed most of my other classes. In the middle of that and right before finals, my ex ran off with my 1 year old son and I had a nervous breakdown of sorts. I quit school, and not through the proper channels. My GPA was dismal.

When I went back to school last year to do my nursing school prereqs, I started out on academic probation, but turned that around in no time.

I submitted my application to the nursing program along with my transcripts which included my ENTIRE academic history from the university...the good/bad/ugly.

They selected 50 people to interview out of around 300 applicants, and chose 30 students, and I was one of them. My past academic blemishes were not brought up or questioned. Mind you...the same thing doesn't happen in every situation...I'm just telling you that I don't think you need to spend too much time worrying about what has been. You can't change it. All you can do is control your situation NOW and be the best student possible, and I think when it comes down to it, the people selecting students for the programs will look at your record and say, yes, this person had a rocky start but they were young and probably didn't have a sense of direction yet. They will see that you DID find a direction and put serious effort into it. I think they probably see a LOT of students who just farted around with gen ed classes and didn't do great, then focused on nursing as a goal and became stellar students.

Thank you for much for your comments!! I will deff do my best to get A's this semester and next!

Good luck! I sincerely mean that. Talk to your school and find out if they look more at your prereq GPA. At one school I was going to apply at, they turned people away if they had below a 3.5. The school I will be going to will make an exception if the prereq GPA is a 4.0 or close.

If you had taken 14 classes before starting back it might be difficult, but you can easily raise that just by taking more classes! Just do the best you can now, and don't worry-focus!

you can repeat the classes that you got bad grades in

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