Just curious what was your gpa prior to entering into NP or PA school and did you get in with your first application. Thanks!


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Hey. I think that my GPA was about a 3.4 when I got accepted into nurse practitioner school. I only applied once. Still, I had other things that made my application look good, like being a member of Sigma Theta Tau (the nursing honor society), being a member of student government, good MAT scores, etc. If you are still in your undergrad and are thinking of going to grad school in any area, be involved with as much as possible. Graduate schools like students who show leadership qualities and dedication to academics.

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My nursing GPA was 3.96 and I was accepted to the first and only program to which I applied. However, I was told that the average GPA for last year's FNP class was approx. 3.6.

I originally planned to go to PA school before choosing the NP route. My GPA for my first undergraduate degree was 3.46 due to a few poor grades in organic chemistry and immunology. I was not accepted into the PA program on my first try. However, I suspect that was mostly due to the fact that I spent the whole interview questioning the fact that they advised not working but expected students to pay over 35K per year for tuition and living expenses. I was hardly the picture of a prepared, informed, enthusiastic interviewee :)

GPA is only one factor in a graduate school application. GRE scores, work experience, recommendations, essay and interview also play an important role.


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What is considered a goo MAT score????? Just curious, its hard to find any information about the actual scoring...


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Usually the program site gives you an idea of the MAT score they want.

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