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GPA and returning back to school

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Hello, I wanted to ask a general question to all you nurses out there about going back to school. I have been a nurse for 20 years. I am an associate R.N. I have always wanted to go back to school to get my BSN. During the time I was in the RN program my father was diagnosed with Lung cancer, I was working full-time, married, one daughter and pregnant with my second daughter. I had a lot going on at the time and my grades suffered. I made it through the program with a 2.34 GPA, not the best but I promised my dad I would make it. He died shortly after I graduated. Here I am years later at age 42 wanting to go back to school. I have applied to many schools and no one will accept me because of my GPA. I don't understand why they won't give me a chance. Has anyone else encountered a similiar problem. I just want to finish a personal goal that I started many years ago. I am being judged for something I did 20 years ago. GPA is just a number does it really tell you everything about a person. I would sure like your opinion. Thank you


Yes, it can be very difficult to get into nursing schools, even though you are already an RN. Have you taken any courses in school recently. What you may want to do is take 30 credits of science courses (nursing prereqs and pre-med) and make sure you get A and B and then try to reapply. You might need to take these anyway. Prove to the schools that you are a good student. Everyone deserves a second chance! Good luck! I will be sending positive thoughts your way!

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Keep trying. I went to the following link and found no GPA requirement for RN-BSN, and it's all online, and not expensive at all! They also offer online RN-MSN, but I didn't look at the requirements. Keep your head up, you can do it!



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As the other poster said, there are many online RN-BSN and RN-MSN programs that require no minimum GPA. Once you get that BSN or MSN behind your name, who cares what your GPA is....:nurse:

Also, many schools will admit on a provisional basis, giving you an opportunity to do well in your first so many hours of coursework. Gardner-Webb University offers a fully online BSN program with students from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life: http://www.gardner-webb.edu.


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Thank you so much for all your encouragement. I am going to apply to the school you recommended. I hope all goes well. Thanks again.

Take the pre-requesties & and earn top grades, then apply for admission into the Nursing program.

I was in a similar boat, getting my first degree when I was very young (and very lazy). I earned my bachelor's back then, but with a crummy C average.

Fast-forward 10 years. What I did was go to the college under General Studies and take a whole bunch of pre-reqs I needed. My excellent grades and 99th percentile TEAS score got me into the Nursing program I wanted the 1st try. I think they do take into account that the low GPA was from year ago and the new GPA is consistently good. Some schools also do look as work experience, excellent work references, and other special qualities you may have.

Good luck to you!

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