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does any one know what gpa selu accelerated programs looks at, is it only your pre req gpa? also does anyone know the cut off gpa for lsu care programs?



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I'm not sure exactly what the CARE gpa is, but I had a 3.3 or something and got in.


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SELU only looks at your prereqs and I believe last semesters cut off was a 3.5 (and that was lower than usual ) for the regular program and slightly lower for the accelerated it varies from semester to semester but I have a feeling the trend will be that the gpa cut off will continue to rise since so many people are deciding to go back to school.

I'm not trying to scare you or anything I took my prereqs there just because it's where I got my udnergrad and everytime I was advised they would give me hell about the 2 Cs I had. They pretty much tell people youre gonna have to get As in almost all your classes.

But If you call the office they can usually give you a ballpark figure about what the cutoff gpa is

I started the accelerated program in May. The cut off GPA was a 3.37 for this round. They accepted 20 people


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At LSU, the MINIMUM GPA for the regular BSN program is 2.8 and for CARE it is 3.0. However, it is very competitive (where is not these days?) and the actual GPAs of admitted students are likely higher than that. But the CARE program looks at lots of factors that lead to likely success so I'll bet people with higher GPAs than me were rejected.


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how long is the selu program? can you complete it in less than two years? also do they look at other factors besides you pre req gpa?


Selu looks at your pre-req GPA ONLY. They give preference to Selu students. You need like 3.6 or better for the regular track (the cut-off last semester was in the 3.6 range). The regular track is about 2.5 years long for BSN. They accept about 60 students (number changes). You need a 3.3 or better for the accelerated track (the cut-off last semester was 3.38). The accelerated program is 1.5 years long for your BSN. They accept 20 students.


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Actually, I was told by a few of my classmates that the cut-off GPA for the regular BSN was a 3.47 when they were accepted last semester.

i was told that it was 3.6 by my classmate in A&P II who applied with 3.4-3.5 gpa and got rejected. i don't know for sure for the regular track. i know for certain that the cut off was 3.37-3.38 gpa for the accelerated track last semester because i applied for that one.


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I was told by my two classmates in A&P II (both were accepted) and someone from the Nursing office that the cut-off was in the 3.4 range last semester.

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