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Ok. I'm considering applying to several CRNA programs in a few years but had a question. In college, I was an engineering major and 2 semesters before finishing I decided to go to nursing school. I am at a CC getting my ADN currently and plan to work and complete my BSN online at UAB. What gpa do they use for your admissions once you complete the BSN? I'm just confused as to whether or not all of my engineering classes that I didn't do so hot in will count towards this or not? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Try and get the best GPA you can but don't sweat it if it isn't a 4.0. I got in with a 3.1 GPA, 960 GRE, and about 4 years experience in ICU. So yes it is possible to get into CRNA school


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As heavily as they scrutinize apps for CRNA... I'm sure they would notice the difference between gpas.

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