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I hear that a certain area of the miltary for nursing is better. I need to know which one is better and why I haven't done thorough research but. I want to do the Nurse Navy Corps. But a friend of... Read More

  1. by   scout2505
    I know that my recruiter said I couldn't sign up until I was 1 year away from completion of my BSN. I guess the only positive thing about signing up while you are still in school is you'll get to know everything, such as where you'll be stationed, possible OLBC dates etc. If you wait until you graduate, planning may become more difficult. Just my two cents.

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    Anyway, I still have an unanswered question -should I join as an officer midway through the post-bacc. accelerated BSN program or wait until finished and then offer myself? Will a recruiter honestly answer this?

    On that topic, not sure what to advise. I'm currently a jr BSN student and I plan to wait until I graduate. I did look into the ANCP (Army Nurse Candidate Program), but found out that it was worth more, re: loan repayment to wait until I graduate. I guess it's an individual decision, and I think most recruiters would be helpful, but some will pressure you to join ASAP. Good luck with the decision.

  2. by   KAINETX
    if you want to be in the military then do you self a favor and join the Air Force you will be treat much better than any branch of the military as well you might want to look into the Public health service, they get military benifits without all of the military BS.
  3. by   Jennifer22
    Hi Navynurse06.

    I am graduating from nursing school this coming August and am looking into joining the military following graduation. I am in the process of meeting with medical officer recruiters from each branch. I am having a very hard time narrowing down which branch would be best for me as a nurse. Do you have any suggestions? How did you decide? What is it like as a navy nurse officer? I would love to hear about your experience so far.

    Thank you for your time.