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Hello! I was recently given the go ahead about my tattoos for the Navy NCP program and was told that there is definitely room for me because of the year I would be graduating. I am waiting to... Read More

  1. by   carolinapooh
    Okay - totally miffed that HM2 missed out on a second go of the duck walk. Completely unfair. LOL. I not only did it a second time, I did it in a room of women who were young enough to be my daughters. Not cool!

    @Trauma - sometimes the services don't release data to the recruiters until a certain point in the year. Very rarely is it released to the general public. And sometimes you never even get that hint as to what might have kept a person from being selected. And more often than not you just get a 'no'.
  2. by   elisabethm
    TraumaRNHopeful, CarolinaPooh is right. A lot of times even the recruiters don't know the admissions rate for the NCP. After I was accepted, I asked my recruiter what the numbers had been, and he told me that he had no way of knowing. The board might release the numbers later this year. All he knew was the number of applications that he personally worked on. In my recruiting district (Colorado), 27 nursing students applied and 3 were accepted. In other areas where the Navy is more popular, like San Diego or other places with a big Navy presence, there are even more applicants.
  3. by   Teetah
    Thanks! My MEPs appointment isn't until the 24th of this month. I'm going with two other NCP hopefuls on our island. I'll be graduating December 2014. I think MEPs and the interviews are the things I most nervous about doing!
  4. by   HM2Doc
    MEPs and the interviews are pretty much the entire process.
  5. by   elisabethm
    If you don't have a health history, MEPs really isn't bad at all. It is very loooong and boring (I think mine was like 5 am to 3 pm), but it isn't difficult or anything. They check your eyes, blood, hearing, you do the duck walk and some funny little calisthenic exercises, then they ask you some questions about your past health and any medications you've taken. The interviews really aren't bad either, although I was very nervous about them going in. They have a really laid-back, conversational vibe, and everyone who interviewed me was super friendly. They'll ask why you want to join, why you wanted to become a nurse, how your family feels about the military, how you feel about the possibility of deployments, etc. Nothing too hard really. I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck with everything!
  6. by   Teetah
    Quote from HM2Doc
    MEPs and the interviews are pretty much the entire process.
    haha, true! I guess that was more so me trying to feel comfortable about some part of it. Filling out the paperwork is tedious, but since I'm out for the summer it has kind of replaced my school work.

    I had mitral valve prolapse, but the cardiologist I saw last year said he couldn't find any evidence of it, so I have both my original diagnosis and the notes on it from last year. My recruiter said it shouldn't be a problem, especially if I don't take medication for it, but he's pretty sure he'll have to run me over for an EKG after MEPs.
  7. by   TraumaRNHopeful
    Thank you all who repsonded. I had my physical and interviews last week. I have to/want to revise my personal statement, and get my acceptance letter for my BSN program, then my kit is complete and ready for submission. The interviews went ok....the first was basically alot of the woman telling me about different specialties and how things worked. The second wasn't planned- as my originol interiewer was stuck in a meeting so my recruiter found someone else that would do it. He started out by reminding me I could be deployed and die, lol. I'm horribly impatient and just want to know if I have a spot...even though if I don't get accepted for NCP I'll still try for DA but that is 2 more years of NOT knowing...arggg
  8. by   sargent46
    I just got my acceptance letter last week for an accelerated BSN program starting this Fall 2013. I was digging around and everything I saw said that you do not begin the process or to even bother contacting a recruiter until after you've been accepted to nursing school -- I feel so behind the eight ball!
    @TraumaRNHopeful -can you tell me about how long it took to get the other paperwork in line? And when would you hoping to officially be accepted, Spring 2014? I've reached out to a recruiting office in the area I'm just wondering if you can give me an idea of whether or not I'd have a shot to get my application together for the boards in time? I'd appreciate any advice!
  9. by   oaktown2
    @sargent46 - my recruiter had said the same thing and wouldn't really talk to me until I had an acceptance letter. Depending on your age and length of educational history, it might not take much time at all to pull your kit together. Just start getting official transcripts (don't open them) and you can start writing your personal statement. If you have had any medical issues then you will probably want copies of your medical records. Good luck!